Thursday, March 31, 2011

Will the real Jesus please stand up?

Jack T. Skank really seems to enjoy talking to homeless people. I'm not exactly sure why, but on more than one occasion I've called him and he's been mid-remark to some homeless person.

Jack T. Skank: I listened to this lady ramble about all sorts of shit, she was semi-intelligible but very scattered, but interesting.
Anna-Nelsey: Probs a schizophrenic.
Jack T. Skank: I talked to her for a long time and at the end she was like, "don't think we don't recognize you, we appreciated what you do for us."

Jack T. Skank, secretly Jesus?

    Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    How many? HOW MANY?!

    Jack T. Skank: annannannannanaannannannannann!
    Anna-Nelsey: yeeees?
    Jack T. Skank: how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
    Anna-Nelsey: 83
    Jack T. Skank: I hope you're right, there's a lot riding on this

    Jack T. Skank is a gambler extraordinaire.


      Tuesday, March 29, 2011

      Jack T. Skank loves the snuggies.

      Jack T. Skank: Ann, guess what?
      Anna-Nelsey: What?
      Jack T. Skank: You didn't even try to guess!
      Anna-Nelsey: uhhh you've become a clown? A mime? Some sort of jester.
      Jack T. Skank: True, but even better. I got a snuggie.
      Anna-Nelsey: ...
      Jack T. Skank: Leopard print snuggie. Kicks so much ass, but just enough to still be classy.

      This is why we can't be friends.

      Monday, March 28, 2011

      Moses: Less relevant than Willow.

      Sooo T-Skank and I were talking about this friend of mine who's having a baby. Well-she isn't quite a "friend" but someone who has become a friend because I didn't want to refer to her as "this girl I know from my sociology class" over and over.

      Either way, she's pregnant. Pregnant and dumb. So we were talking about her what she should do with her child because honestly-I don't think she should be raising that thing. I mean-that can't be good for it. Honestly. I'm not sure she can tie her shoes, let alone raise a child.

      Jack T. Skank: She should send it down the river in a bundle
      of sticks, like in Willow.
      Anna-Nelsey: ... or like Moses.
      Jack T. Skank: Willow's more relevant.

      Moses: Less relevant than the movie Willow. Touche.


        Sunday, March 27, 2011

        Jack T. Skank

        The skankiest of the skanks. A skank AMONG skanks.
        The man, the legend, the myth.

        Anna-Nelsey: Jack, I made a blog featuring you.
        Jack T. Skank (Autoreply): I'm not here right now
        Anna-Nelsey: Yeah, I figured because of the "away" thing. Either way, thought you should know. Talk to you later, skankface.

        Til' next we speak, Sir Skanks-a-lot. Til' then.