Monday, March 28, 2011

Moses: Less relevant than Willow.

Sooo T-Skank and I were talking about this friend of mine who's having a baby. Well-she isn't quite a "friend" but someone who has become a friend because I didn't want to refer to her as "this girl I know from my sociology class" over and over.

Either way, she's pregnant. Pregnant and dumb. So we were talking about her what she should do with her child because honestly-I don't think she should be raising that thing. I mean-that can't be good for it. Honestly. I'm not sure she can tie her shoes, let alone raise a child.

Jack T. Skank: She should send it down the river in a bundle
of sticks, like in Willow.
Anna-Nelsey: ... or like Moses.
Jack T. Skank: Willow's more relevant.

Moses: Less relevant than the movie Willow. Touche.



    1. Ha! Totally agree. Willow is more relevant.


    2. Love your blog style! Keep up the great work!

    3. i had a "friend" like that once she had a miscarriage. then tried to be all "OH BUT I WANTED TO B TEH MUMS" which would of had some validity had she not had an abortion booked and planned out for 3 days later and told us about it. needless to say Darwinism won that one.

    4. lol... It's the dumb ones that want to get pregnant early. People don't have their priorities straight

    5. Its always the dumb ones that get pregnant.

    6. Stupid people having babies. The cycle of life.

    7. I think it's really sad how many people are having kids who obviously shouldn't be. I think we should enforce some kind of pregnancy prevention methods in America.