Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jack T. Skank loves the snuggies.

Jack T. Skank: Ann, guess what?
Anna-Nelsey: What?
Jack T. Skank: You didn't even try to guess!
Anna-Nelsey: uhhh you've become a clown? A mime? Some sort of jester.
Jack T. Skank: True, but even better. I got a snuggie.
Anna-Nelsey: ...
Jack T. Skank: Leopard print snuggie. Kicks so much ass, but just enough to still be classy.

This is why we can't be friends.


  1. snuggies are just bathrobes but backwards :S :P

  2. Awesome post! One of my friends got me a Snuggie as a gag gift! I quickly re-gifted it!

  3. I guess if you are going to degrade yourself by wearing(?) a Snuggie, it's best to go all out and make sure it's leopard print.