Friday, April 15, 2011

Beards are gross

Jack T. Skank: Ann I have a beard now! It's great!
Anna-Nelsey: Eww... do you keep stuff in it?
Jack T. Skank: Stuff is in it, I don't really keep it there. It just kind of comes and goes as it pleases.
Anna-Nelsey: Even more eww..
Jack T. Skank: Ann, I can't keep it all to myself, that would be selfish. It's my civic duty to share it with the world.
Anna-Nelsey: Is it a beyond-face beard? Like-does it go out into the world being a beard and whatnot?
Jack T. Skank: It has its own social security number and birth certificate, so yeah.
Anna-Nelsey: Groooooooss
Jack T. Skank: Jealous?
Anna-Nelsey: Oh yeah, totally. You know how I've longed for a beard of my own.
Jack T. Skank: I know you have. It's alright, I'll let you look at it. You can't get too close to it though... it's easts small people.
Anna-Nelsey:... you're a jerk.
Jack T. Skank: Wa-why?
Anna-Nelsey: I'm not small... I'm just big boned..
Jack T. Skank: That's.... ok.


  1. I don't care how bad beards are, I'm rocking one when I get out of the Marine Corps

  2. "Jack T. Skank: It has its own social security number and birth certificate, so yeah."

    LOL, perfect answer

  3. that guy lets his beard do the talking.

  4. beards are awesome!! and so is your blog, thats why i check back everydayyy

  5. haha. i agree. but then again im not hip(ster) enough to wear a beard :P i used to have a huge goatee but have since shaved lol. Now i just do t he 5oclock shadow look .. whatever thats called

  6. Nice one
    and I agree beards are gross

  7. Beards are full of win I don't care what anyone says :D

  8. i'd be right there with you jack if my genetics didn't preclude it.

  9. I have a beard and it sure ain't gross!

  10. lol. btw i dont have a beard :D