Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Squirrels! Squirrels for everyone!

Sometimes I'll be sitting on my computer, Facebook surfing and generally zoning out and then I get these awkward messages that I don't know how respond to like, "Do you like my new hair cut?", "Have you seen my shoes?" or "Why did you keep pinching me the last time you saw me?" I don't like your hair cut, I have seen your shoes but am not willing to tell you where they are(don't lose your size 5.5's at my house) and I kept pinching you because you're very tall and I think it's funny to see all those tiny bruises. It makes you look like you've been beat up by gnomes. 

Then other times I get this.

Jack T. Skank: On a scale from 1 to 15 how cool am I?
Anna-Nelsey: Uhh, squirrel.
Jack T. Skank: Not bad.

Sometimes life is kinda weird.



  1. Good post! Can't wait to read moooaarrr!

  2. haha thats hilarious "beat up by gnomes" "squirrel" too funny.

  3. being beaten up by gnomes is no laughing matter...

  4. love the squiril jumper, looks fre$h ;D

  5. man i love that sweater, if i could get one i would

  6. wow squirrel, i would say thats a 20