Tuesday, April 12, 2011

All I want in life right now is some cheesy ramen

Jack T. Skank: I'm making ramen.
Anna-Nelsey: I'M making ramen.
Jack T. Skank: For real?... You distracted me and I burned my ramen!!
Anna-Nelsey: Haha! You fool! Feel bad.
Jack T. Skank: I've already started a new one.
Anna-Nelsey: Wha? Damn it...
Jack T. Skank: When life gives you burnt ramen, start some more cause it's only 20 cents.
Anna Nelsey:What kind of ramen? I wish I had ramen.
Jack T. Skank: Wait-you weren't really cooking ramen?
Anna-Nelsey: No. I was lying.
Jack T. Skank: Damn it Ann!
Anna-Nelsey: I'm great!

I am! It's true! But I still wish I had ramen...



  1. goddomot that picture makes me want noodles now @-@

  2. Cheap and delicious. Nothing needs to be said.

  3. ramen + splash of milk + sliver or butter = heaven

  4. Haha. What a strange blog this is.

  5. lol funny, Ive burnt my noodles b4, youre right though, it costs nothing to buy, start over!

  6. 20 cent ramen is a bit posh, no?

  7. mmmmhhh I could still could for some ramen now!!!