Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hidden dances

Jack T. Skank and I live in different states. I guess I should have said that before, but he lives in the Midwest while I currently live on the East Coast. Sometimes I call him when I'm going places. Today I called him when I was going to an art museum, and then I talked to him online when I got home and was... well, bored.

Anna-Nelsey: Jack! I'm bored! Entertain me!
Jack T. Skank: Did you like it?
Anna-Nelsey: Did I like what? The museum...?
Jack T. Skank: The dance I did for you. You didn't even see it, did you Ann?
Anna-Nelsey: Wha-no!
Jack T. Skank: Wow, I can't say I'm surprised. Ask me for entertainment and just totally ignore my good will!
Anna-Nelsey: You're rude, Skank. Just rude.
Jack T. Skank: Actually, I'm tired. Time to get high.
Anna-Nelsey: Damn you!

Stupid computer...